Old School Industrial Noise, Ambient Noise ,Experimental noise ,Death Industrial,Plunderphonics,Electroacoustic Music and Musique concrete

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Our Netlabel intent is to publish and release for free sold out albums , deleted editions and forgotten tapes that are really valuable in the realm of obscure , eclectic underground experimental industrial ambient , death industrial , ambient industrial , electroacoustic ,new concrete recordings

Flugelrad records , obscure label ,releasing industrial ambient noise from Peru and other parts of the world

our intent is to release recording which are obscure in nature , conceptual , experimental but also interesting to hear , we are not only interested in music but also sounds or any other type of audio recording not subject to any rules of composition ,quality and not quantity ;at the moment we are not publishing some works in a download format due to some blogsites are sharing our releases without mentioning the source . we are not receiving more tapes thank you.